Tales from the undergrowth

Written by our very own head Gardener 

Tales from the undergrowth part 14
Tales from the undergrowth part 14... I’m Back!!

It’s 2020. A New Year with new challenges. The Hall may well have had a much needed two week break over Christmas and New Year, but as the weather has been unseasonably warm. I continued to crack on and make the most of it. As ever, there were leaves to clear from the flower beds, weeds galore and Deborah’s fern garden needed much attention. It has all been worth it though as we are now seeing the first signs of the snowdrops and daffodils pushing through the soil and in the last few days the cyclamen have burst into colour. Who said January is a dull month?
Tales from the undergrowth part 13
Tales from the undergrowth... Is everybody excited for tonight's GBBO Final?!

I’m sure not many people knew that we recently had a Bake off here at Stancliffe Hall featuring our one and only gardener and her daughter in the final – all covered in Tales from the Undergrowth, Part 13 below…
Tales from the undergrowth part 12
Tales from the undergrowth part 12... Not a bad office to have:

It’s getting towards the time of year we all start to put our gardens to bed for the Winter. Where once beautiful blooms stool proudly displaying their splendor there has become a mass of dead heads and fading foliage that requires removing and putting on the compost heaps. Some plants though, I tend to leave until the last minute possible as once the morning frost covers them, they look delightful. Astilbe is a classic example. They look like shimmering lights on a cold and frosty morning and although their colour has disappeared they still have much to offer when the architecture of the garden is all but lost.

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