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5 Things you didn’t know about the Peak District

The Peak District is an upland located at the heart of England. The park covers over 550 square miles, reaching five counties: Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester.

The parkland offers dreamy walks, cycling, climbing, and more outdoor pursuits for all abilities.

From the edges to the reservoirs, viaducts, routes, and diverse fauna and habitats, the Peak District has stunning landscapes to enjoy all year –a photography opportunity like no other! Check some of Stancliffe Hall’s favorite staycation destinations on our latest blog.

If you are still wondering what makes The Peak District so unique, read on to discover five facts we are sure you will love. This guide is excellent not to miss a thing while planning your next staycation at Stancliffe Hall.

1. Britain’s oldest walking trail and more

The Peak District hosts the starting point (in the Edale Village) of the nationally-renowned Pennine Way.

The Pennine way is UK’s first National Trail, opening in 1965. It presents to the public some of England's most remote landscapes.

The trail stretches for 268miles (431km) in the northern Derbyshire Peak District and ends inside the Scottish borders.

The Pennine Way signpost”, by Steve Daniels, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Similarly, the Trans-Pennine Trail goes through the Peak District as part of the E8 European Walking Route. This trail - of over 2,500 miles- connects the National Park to the Turkish border!

E8 route”, by Maximilian Dörrbecker, licensed under CC BY 3.0

There are endless possibilities in the Peak District area if you are after walking routes. Walking the peaks provides insightful guides and detailed route descriptions for more accessible walks (ideal for families or limited mobility) or routes a little more off the beaten track.

Following the pandemic, wandering or hiking the Peak District trails are a fantastic way to maintain social distancing while keeping active and enjoying gorgeous natural views.

You can book your staycation at Stancliffe Hall to walk by the idyllic trails of the Peak District and explore its marvellous parkland.

2. More than 2,900 listed buildings

When guests start their staycation at Stancliffe, the first thing many people do is visit the famous Peak District landmarks. There are over 2,900 buildings to visit, surrounded by beautiful countryside and history. Some of Stancliffe favourites include:

- Chatsworth

- Haddon Hall

- Peveril Castle

- Hardwick Hall

- Matlock Bath Village

At the Peak District, nature meets culture. All these beautiful structures seem as if they were taken from a fairytale's pages - and all are easily accessed from the Stancliffe staycation venue.

3. A source of inspiration

The Derbyshire park has served as a source of inspiration for writers generation after generation. As a result, countless films and literature pieces are set in the Peak District whereabouts.

For example, in Stephen Booth's worldwide best-selling crime thrillers, the Dark and White Peaks provide the literary events' ideal setting.

Alternatively, Bakewell and Chatsworth were the settings for Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice - Chatsworth House inspired Mr Darcy's majestic Pemberley.

In 1995, the TV series Pride and Prejudice filmed Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the Peak District. Finally, the cameras returned to the Derbyshire park for a feature film starring Keira Knightley in 2005.

In case you suffer from writer’s block or want to get inspired by unique landscapes, this is your place—Staycate in Derbyshire in the stunning halls of Stancliffe for an idyllic minibreak.

4. One of the purest waters worldwide

The Peak District reservoirs provide 450 million litres of water to neighbouring towns and cities each day. That’s the equivalent of a shower for the whole world's population every year.

The seven rivers in the Peak District are known for their high purity. For example, the River Lathkill was characterised by the 17th-century author Charles Cotton as " the purest and most transparent stream I ever yet saw, either home or abroad.”

Similarly, the Peak District is well known for producing some of the purest natural mineral water globally, including brands such as Buxton. This is because the long water trip through hundreds of meters of porous rock purifies it naturally.

5. Stancliffe Hall is in the heart of it

As you’ve figured by now, the Peak District is full of great activities to connect with countryside’s nature and England’s heritage while on a staycation minibreak, such as trail walks, clean rivers, history, and more.

We love the Peak District’s views and fun, and we are fortunate enough to be located right in the heart of it! Which is ideal for enjoying the many activities the Peak District offers.

You can book your perfect minibreak staycation at Stancliffe Hall, make a reservation now for an unforgettable experience in the Derbyshire Peak District.



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