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Expert Tips for a Successful Last-Minute Wedding (includes printable checklist)

Faced with the need to plan a last-minute wedding? There's no need to despair.

This guide shows five tips you can do to be a relaxed bride or groom-to-be - even when faced with last-minute planning!

Many at Stancliffe have used this same guide to plan their last-minute wedding, and no one could tell it was executed in such a small time frame.

Read these dos’ and ensure you're 100% on top of things when it's crunch time, or scroll down to get a printable checklist.

Secure your suppliers’ arrangements

From our experience, it’s easy to get lost planning too many wedding services, such as fancy flowers or décor.

Instead, we recommend keeping it simple and delegating tasks where possible.

Decide the top-priority suppliers that matter to you and make a list.

Some essential wedding suppliers include:

• Photography.

• Florists.

• Wedding event stylists.

• Cake designers.

• Videographer.

• Wedding attire.

• Wedding bands.

• Wedding makeup.

• Stationary.

• Wedding entertainment.

We’ve put together a list of recommended suppliers so you don’t have to spend hours researching.

At Stancliffe, we recommend that couples prepare before meeting wedding suppliers:

• Know what you like.

• Have examples from magazines or online images.

• Be ready to discuss budgets.

• Allow yourself time to think.

• Go with your gut.

Before the wedding, double-check all your suppliers have the exact location and a contact’s phone number.

If you still have doubts, get in touch, so our wedding planner can give you a hand!

Indoor wedding venue with cake

Find last-minute weddings

Grooms and brides-to-be looking for cheap last-minute weddings or wedding discounts may struggle.

At Stancliffe Hall, we believe the best practice is to establish the most important things for your wedding day together as a couple.

Setting the priorities will help allocate the budget effectively.

Last-minute wedding planning reflects what your life together as wedded pair will look like!

So, make sure to be present and enjoy it.

At the end of the day, you want to be together for the good times and bad.

Depending on what matters the most to you as a couple, you’ll want to spend your budget accordingly.

Suppose the ceremony is what matters most for you. In that case, you can book a last-minute wedding in an idyllic stately home such as Stancliffe Hall.

Alternatively, finding great wedding bands that match your budget will be essential if you love music.

Set a midweek wedding day

Increasingly, wedding planners recommend couples to get married on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday.

This is because, often, midweek weddings are the cheapest last-minute wedding days.

Fortunately, Stancliffe Hall has last-minute availability at no extra cost for the following wedding weekends:

• November 4th

• December 2nd

• December 17th

Hurry, the slots are finishing quickly for Autumn and Winter 2022 weddings.

Ask us if your Matlock last-minute wedding date is available.

Couple celebrating wedding outdoors

Guestlist and guest count tips

Couples marrying on short notice usually benefit from exclusive guest lists.

As soon as you’ve decided on the venue and know its capacity, it’s good to reach out to your loved ones who will be getting an RVSP.

We’re busier than ever before, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic changing our lives.

Touching base as soon as possible is a great way to make sure people are coming to your big day.

Moreover, you’ll need to send reminders to the guests who haven’t responded to your wedding invitation.

It’s a great idea to let your guests know you’d love them to come.

Then, whether they can make it or not, they’re still thrilled to know you’ve considered them for your wedding day.

Entire wedding party

Short notice wedding venues

Do you want to tie the knot in a lush garden? The restaurant from your first date? Or a stately home? The Peak District offers unique wedding venues to cherish for a lifetime.

Pro tip: save money and time by booking a venue with ceremony rooms and reception space in the same venue.

If what you’re after is a Derbyshire last-minute wedding, Stancliffe Hall is a Stately Home a stone’s throw from the Peak District, with certified ceremony rooms, reception space (over 50 acres of parkland), spa, bar and more.

Secure your last-minute wedding today, or get in touch to find out more.

Couple at wedding

Last-minute wedding printable checklist

Download or print this cheat sheet to mark your progress on planning your Derbyshire last-minute wedding.

- Select budget.

- Make a list of essential things on your wedding day.

- Select ceremony venue.

- Select dates.

- Select suppliers.

- Make a guest list and send invitations.

- Select dress and break in shoes.

- Attend supplier trials.

- Obtain a marriage license (included if you marry at Staincliffe Hall).

- Gather wedding party gifts.

- Check-in with suppliers.

- Marry the love of your life.

- Enjoy!



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