Tales from the Undergrowth - The Much Awaited Return

When I checked to see when I last wrote a blog for The Hall I was taken aback to say the least. Actually it’s been so long maybe I should re-introduce myself. I’m Head Gardener at Stancliffe Hall and have been for almost three years. I deal with the flower beds, veggie plots, greenhouse etc but can also be found at Open events and Wedding fayres for those who want a tour of the gardens. And some who don’t.


So. Back to the blogs. Turns out the last one was Easter 2020 where my youngest and I had a pretend staycation camping at the bottom of the garden. I hasten to add we slept in the house. I may enjoy spending time in the great outdoors on a daily basis, but come sundown the home comforts are required. It was a lovely Easter with lots of warm sunshine, but not writing a blog for so long has left me feeling a little guilty but lets face it; the last few months haven’t been exactly normal so the guilt didn’t last too long. It was quickly replaced with a longing for lunch on the patio wearing shorts and a vest top.


Since my last blog, as with all hospitality venues, the Hall went from being a hub of activity to a deserted land where tumbleweed wouldn’t have looked out of place. The wall planners for events and bookings on my office all (aka the potting shed) suddenly became redundant as all events were postponed. The term cancelled seems so final; so postponed it is.


The garden for many people during recent timed has become even more important. It can really help to be outside in the fresh air and those who have discovered the joy of growing your own fruit and veg will hopefully never look back. It is so satisfying to plant something, watch it grow, pick it and have it on your plate then sit back and be able to say, ‘I grew that!’ I had that feeling whilst dabbing the butter dripping down my chin which had slipped in a rather uncouth way off my corn on the cob last year. (Brag alert – it was DELICIOUS).


In our long term plan at Stancliffe we have been working towards having some Open afternoons during February and early March as this is a time the snowdrops are in full flower and make the woodland walk look even more magical. All I can say is I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at them and hope in 2022 you can too. My guess is that guests will be able to enjoy an afternoon tea during their visit. I, on the other hand, have to rely on my trusty flask and emergency chocolate bar. The glamour of it astounds me at times.


So that’s it for now. After such a long break I don’t want to peak too early. But watch this space for…drum roll please…upcoming events. Fingers crossed.



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