Tales from the undergrowth - part 12

Tales from the undergrowth part 12... Not a bad office to have:

It’s getting towards the time of year we all start to put our gardens to bed for the Winter. Where once beautiful blooms stool proudly displaying their splendor there has become a mass of dead heads and fading foliage that requires removing and putting on the compost heaps. Some plants though, I tend to leave until the last minute possible as once the morning frost covers them, they look delightful. Astilbe is a classic example. They look like shimmering lights on a cold and frosty morning and although their colour has disappeared they still have much to offer when the architecture of the garden is all but lost.

By far the biggest thing that has to be dealt with though is leaves. I find them amazing and annoying in equal measure. Amazing because they change from every shade of green you can imagine into an artists palette of browns, reds, oranges and golds. Annoying because you clear them one day to make an area neat and tidy; only to return the next day to have to do it all again. They do make great compost though so who am I to grumble?

Here at Stancliffe we are proud of our courtyard with it’s array of pots filled with pelargoniums. Last year we managed to pamper them sufficiently so they were still flowering well into Christmas. It was a bit odd to see a traditionally summer flowering plant still producing blooms at that time, but with a bit of TLC they continued to please us. This year I’m hoping to go one better and if I talk to them nicely I’d be more than chuffed if they are still playing ball by Valentine’s Day. Time will tell. If not they will make their way into the potting shed ready for sering. Obviously they don’t find their way their unaided. That would be pretty clever.

I love the potting shed. By the door is a wooden sign my youngest made for me that reads ‘The Potting Shed. AKA Vic’s Office’. Very sweet. It’s a bit of a safe haven for me on a wet and windy day where I can be found singing along to the radio at the top of my voice whilst cleaning out plant pots or removing dead leaves from the plants I’m lovingly tending to. You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not within ear shot of the main house, so if you are popping in for a viewing or attending an event you won’t be subjected to my warblings. Let’s just say I won’t be giving up the day job to become a wedding singer any time soon. Talking of which (events that is; not my career prospects) we have an Open Evening coming up on Friday 16th October. Please feel free to join us. I will be tune free. Promise.