Tales from the undergrowth - part 16

A little light reading from Stancliffe Hall whilst you are enjoying a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)....

What a lovely Easter break weather wise. My youngest and I decided to take advantage of the warm sunshine and have a much needed holibobs. The journey down the garden path was halted for a few moments as a small frog hopped across in front of us travelling from one flower bed to the other. We put on the brakes to ensure we were at least 2 metres from the determined amphibian, then continued our quest.

Before we knew it we had completed our 30 metre journey and arrived safe and sound in ‘Bottom of the Gardenthorpe.’ In a flash we had pitched our tent and put up our camping chairs all to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore…ok, it was the stream gently bubbing its way to the River Derwent but we were using our imagination. We had a lovely time reading, colouring and playing ball games and thoroughly enjoyed lunch taken at Café Patio. As we were munching on pasta we marveled at the fact just a few weeks ago ‘Bottom of the Gardenthorpe’ was under four feet of flood water. It’s a topsy turvey world right now.


Over at the Hall for weeks before lock down there had been a conserted effort by all to get inside and out looking tickety boo ready for the forthcoming events, weddings, open days etc. Our holiday home got a major makeover and Victoria headed off to a well known Swedish shop to stock up on accessories and soft furnishings. Someone definitely got the short straw in this arrangement and if you ask me it wasn’t the decorators.


But then life as we know it came to a grinding halt, and all bookings had to be postponed for the forseeable future. Rest assured though none of us are sitting twiddling our thumbs outside the veggie plots have been planted up, the greenhouse is well stocked, the flower beds have been weeded and the boys have been keeping the lawns neat and tidy and have cut back areas overgrown by brambles. Their next task is to clear one of the woodland walks in readiness for our Open Gardens. We are no longer sure this will happen, but we fully intend to be prepared like never before.


Inside the Hall the tasks undertaken have changed somewhat. Victoria has been busy…well does anybody know what Victoria has been doing? For those of you who don’t know, I write the Stancliffe Hall blogs using an actual pen and some paper and then give them to Victoria who types them up and posts them. To all intent and purpose she is my Editor in Chief. I’m guessing she will at this point interject. (Indeed I’ll interject. I have been getting in touch with people who need to re-arrange bookings, dealing with suppliers, looking at our marketing strategy and dealing with our social media which is being relyed on more than ever before). Glad we cleared that up.


Meanwhile the archives have been tackled and they have also found out all brochures and leaflets which led to a trip down memory lane. All of this of course has taken place in accordance with social distancing and lots of hand washing. With a bit of luck it won’t be too long before life and work can return to near normal or goodness only knows which cupboard will be tidied next; or indeed what will be found lurking inside.