Brian and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Stancliffe Hall. Since first seeing our home in 2002 it has been our dream to share our ‘beloved Stancliffe’ with others.


Our journey has been a long one, the renovations sometimes painstaking, sometimes heartbreaking; but now at last we can look back and bask in its beauty. Stancliffe Hall is the most magnificent house set in beautiful parkland.

During our time living here we have had many parties and shared much laughter with family and friends - the house comes alive the minute you and your guests arrive.

We hope you choose Stancliffe Hall to host your event.

Share the experience!

Much love

Deborah & Brian Fern Stancliffe Hall Owners
Stancliffe Hall Courtyard Statue

Stancliffe Hall is a home as well as a hall and treating all our guests as we would our friends is at the core of our service philosophy. 


We want you to feel indulged, but not overwhelmed and entirely at ease, reliant on our exceptionally high service standards and continually exceeding your expectations. 

Luxurious and well appointed, the house is perfect for events of every type providing a relaxing retreat where guests feel at home, but faraway in sumptuous surroundings. Whether a lavish celebration or an intimate, gorgeous getaway for close friends, the recently renovated Stancliffe Hall is never happier or more alive than when entertaining guests.


A convivial host with character in every corner, each part of the house has a story to tell, offering charm and calm in equal measure.